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5 Tips for Maximizing Productivity for Remote Employees

by Janet McEnery
The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the majority of businesses to at least offer, if not require, work-from-home options for employees. Employers are now facing many challenges that come with maintaining the same level of productivity when employees are working remotely....

Unemployment alphabet soup: Here’s what it means

by Robin Shea
PUA, FPUC, PEUC — TMA (Too Many Acronyms)! I use acronyms when I have to (especially “EEOC”), but I’m not a fan. The federal CARES Act has some very important provisions related to unemployment benefits for people who have lost their jobs, been...

Finding Fevers: Considerations Before Using Temperature-Detecting Cameras

by Mark A. Konkel & Nidhi Srivastava
Last week, the FDA approved the use of telethermographic systems (essentially, heat-sensitive cameras) to detect human temperature during the COVID-19 public health emergency. The cameras can measure individuals’ temperatures in comparison to their surroundings to...

Lawmakers Agree to New Funding for Paycheck Protection Act Program

by Michael Lotito, Jim Paretti & Alex MacDonald
Senate lawmakers agreed on April 21, 2020, to inject cash into the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), a mechanism for offering forgivable loans to small businesses. Lawmakers also agreed to allocate more money for disaster loans, healthcare providers, and testing....


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