What to Do When an Employee Threatens Suicide?

One of our employees told a coworker that she is very depressed and contemplating suicide. The coworker feels this is a serious, and potentially imminent, situation and immediately reported her concerns to us. What should we do to help our employee get the help she...

I am Eligible for FMLA Leave. Now What?

A few weeks back, I celebrated my one-year anniversary at Littler. You know what that means, right? I’m F-M-L-A eligible, baby! Now that I am eligible to take job-protected leave [picture the heavens opening up and the sun shining down on my face], I’m salivating over...

Bloomberg is right about NDAs

(Not a political endorsement.) As you know, this blog is non-partisan, even if it kills us. But I couldn’t help feeling sorry for Michael Bloomberg on Wednesday night when his fellow Democratic presidential candidates piled on. One of the many pile-ons during...


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