In-House Training Programs by IAML: Customized Solutions for Your Needs

With today’s complex and ever-changing employee demands, employee training is a fluid and daunting process.

IAML’s in-house training programs are carefully planned, practically oriented, interesting and taught by phenomenal instructors. Our goal is to deliver impactful and measurable “best practices” training. When you schedule an in-house training program, you can be assured that we are committed to producing the most beneficial and worthwhile training experience possible while meeting your specific requirements.

Forward thinking organizations recognize the incredibly attractive economics of effective training, especially when it comes to the potentially dangerous field of workplace compliance. Never has the old adage, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure been more dramatically demonstrated. IAML’s customized in-house training programs help to reduce this risk-laden employment environment. Each of our in-house programs has a central theme… “provide the best in ‘best practices’ training and help to create a positive workplace.”

Whether you are training 15 or 2,000 employees; all, or portions, of our public seminars are available for delivery on an in-house basis, or we can help you create a custom program that fits your specific needs.

IAML can customize any of our seminars into an in-house format.  In addition, we offer a wide variety of topics, which include:

“We are very, very pleased with last week’s onsite training on workplace decision making. It really could not have gone better. We are anxious to schedule more of these courses”

Bob Callahan

Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer, Powell Industries, Inc.

  • Advanced Employee Benefits
  • Avoiding Harassment & Discrimination Claims for Non-HR Supervisors and Managers
  • Background Check Do’s and Don’ts
  • Benefits 101
  • Classifying Independent Contractors
  • Conducting Workplace Investigations
  • Conducting Mediations and Arbitrations
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Creating a Respectful Workplace (Diversity/Inclusion)
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Employee Benefits/Employment Law for Government or Non-Profit Organizations
  • Employment Discrimination Law
  • Employment Law for non-HR Supervisors and Managers
  • Environmental, Health & Safety Law 101
  • ERISA Compliance
  • Ethics and Compliance Goals in the Employment Context
  • Gender Issues
  • Hiring Practices to Foster Diversity
  • HR Strategic Management & Planning
  • HR’s Role Within the Organization
  • Immigration Law (Visas, I-9 and eVerify)
  • Labor Relations 101
  • Management and Leadership Skills
  • Multi-Cultural Communication Techniques
  • One-on-One Mentoring
  • Overview of Employment Law for Non-HR Supervisors and Managers
  • Overview of OSHA Laws and Regulations
  • Positive Employee Relations (with optional proficiency testing)
  • Positive Employee Relations for Executives and Corporate Officers
  • Preventing Workplace Violence
  • Reasoning through Ethical Dilemmas
  • Risk Assessment
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance
  • Sexual Harassment Training (federal or state-specific)
  • Train-the-Trainer
  • Understanding Canadian Employment Law
  • Violence Response Team Training
  • Wage & Hour Laws

“Thank you again for facilitating the Positive Employee Relations class at our site.  Our employees found the examples and the exercises to be especially helpful and thought you did a great job keeping them engaged.  Supervisors are still raving about the training.  Thank you for helping foster good management practices.”

Betzy Estrada

Human Resources Director, Nihon Kohden America, Inc.

We realize that bringing in an outside organization such as IAML is a major decision. After all, there are risks – the quality of the training might be disappointing; the instructor won’t be effective; participants will be unhappy with the experience; or the person responsible for bringing in the outside organization risks organizational criticism. IAML understands these issues. We know we can take all the risk out of in-house training for your organization. Here’s how and why:

  • We’ve “been there…done that.” We have 40 years of unparalleled experience training tens of thousand of people in organizations similar to your own.
  • We use only the finest attorneys and practitioners in the country who have extensive experience in their profession… in the trenches… and the proven ability to teach… to customize and present material that stimulates, motivates and educates.
  • Every IAML in-house program is backed by our pledge – we will do the work to produce a terrific training experience, and you get the glory… we guarantee it!


Learn how our expert staff can help you save time and money while training your team in the comfort of your own facility.

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