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    IAML will be in Denver on June 4-8 to conduct the:

    Certificate in Employee Relations Law Seminar

    The Certificate in Employee Relations Law Seminar provides the most comprehensive, practical, up–to–date employment law training available. This is a 4½ day seminar geared to the real-world needs of human resource professionals, attorneys, and managers. The seminar provides “best practices” insights and information on the full range of employee relations law issues.

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    IAML Alert: Zika Virus - What Employers Should Understand

    IAML AlertThe Zika virus is receiving significant press coverage, including reports that it may cause birth defects if pregnant women are exposed.  Employers may wonder if they have obligations to protect or accommodate employees under state and federal law, including the Occupational Safety and Health (“OSH”) Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”).


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