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Ask Not For Whom The Bellwether Tolls – It Tolls for Amazon

by John Doran
On April 9, Amazon won a major victory in a union organizing campaign involving one of its Alabama facilities. Pundits have talked up this campaign for months and months, many suggesting that it would serve as a bellwether for a dramatic union resurgence across the...

Calling all teleworkers: Back to the office!

by Robin Shea
Here are some suggestions for making it painless. Although the Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a feeling of “impending doom” about COVID-19, many employers are ready to get back to normal. And for many employers, that means...

FAQ: Does FFCRA Leave Exhaust FMLA Leave?

by Jeff Nowak
I know you want to hear FFCRA musings [though I’m not sure why…], but first take a look at this beauty of a ten-week old golden retriever pup, Annie, who we just brought home. My heart is full. Take as much time as you’d like admiring that beautiful doggy before I...

Are Unions Primed for a Comeback?

by Mark A. Konkel & Alexandra B. Agnostak
For years, employee interest in unions has dwindled. But a pandemic, persistent income inequality and high unemployment—not to mention the most pro-union Presidential administration in generations—have all converged to flip that script. 5,800 workers at an Amazon...

Which of your employees should you bring back to work

by Jon Hyman
For the past year, an astounding 44 percent of employees have been working remotely full time, and two-thirds of employees have been working remotely at least one day per week. With vaccination rates on the rise and offering a light at the end of the pandemic tunnel,...

FAQs about the gender pay gap

by Robin Shea
Science! Wednesday was Equal Pay Day, the day on which women’s pay finally catches up to that of their male counterparts. They say that a woman has to work from January 1 through March 24, 2021, in addition to all of calendar year 2020, to make as much money as...

NY Employees Granted Up to Four Hours of Excused Leave Per Vaccine Injection

by Barbara E. Hoey & Alison Frimmel
On Friday March 12, 2021, Governor Cuomo signed into law legislation which requires that beginning March 12, 2021, all New York employers must provide up to four hours of paid leave per COVID-19 vaccine injection. Below are the salient features of the new law: Who is...

“Sweet Six” ways an employer can win at the EEOC

by Robin Shea
Here’s the “carrot,” after last week’s “stick.” Last week, I wrote about the “Notorious Nine” mistakes that employers make when dealing with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Today I’ll be more positive,...


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