“Sexual harassment” in the nature of the business

This claim against the “Museum of Sex” should fail.Have you ever heard of the Museum of Sex in New York City? It’s a real thing.Here is their website (NSFW). (I was blocked when I tried to access it at work, and had to access it from my personal...

Advanced Technologies and the Workplace, Part I: A Primer

You have probably heard the phrases “fourth industrial revolution” and the “future of work.” Both refer to changes in the way people live, work, and relate to one another due to rapid developments in technology. Here are five things you should know about advanced...

New York’s Groundbreaking Sexual Harassment Legislation

Clichés like “seismic shift” and “paradigm change” do not begin to describe just how profoundly the New York legislature changed the standards for harassment claims in a bill passed June 19. HR professionals and employers beware: the sexual harassment...


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