Employment Law Certificate Seminars

Certificate in Employee Relations Law Seminar

The Certificate in Employee Relations Law Seminar provides the most comprehensive, practical, up-to-date employment law training available. This is a 4½ day seminar is geared to the real-world needs of human resource professionals, attorneys, and managers. The seminar provides “best practices” insights and information on the full a wide range of employee relations and labor law issues.

Certificate in Essentials of Human Resource Management Seminar

The Certificate in Essentials of Human Resource Management Seminar provides comprehensive and practical coverage of many important aspects of human resource work. The objective of the program is to help participants who are new to the human resources field immediately become more effective on the job, while helping them prepare for greater responsibilities.

Certificate in Conducting Lawful Workplace Investigations Seminar

Do you know how to conduct a lawful workplace investigation? In addition to saving potentially millions of dollars in litigation costs and lost productivity, a lawfully conducted investigation can nip workplace problems in the bud; keeping businesses operating smoothly—and out of the courtroom.

FAQ In-Person Employment Law Certificate Seminars

Do I Need A Law Degree Or Law Certification To Work In The Field Of Human Resources?
No, you do not. In fact, you are not even required to have a degree in law at all! However, if training and certifications in the field of law help you be a better human resources specialist, then, by all means, take them up on their offer.

The Institute for Applied Management And Law is always looking for motivated people wishing to train with them and develop themselves as professionals in certified employment law. They will evaluate you if this is your goal and will help you go that additional step further in your career.

Will Employment Law Certifications and Training Help You Be A Better Human Resources Specialist?


Here are the benefits of employment law certification to a human resource specialist:

1. Comprehensively Grasp Employment Laws

As a human resource person, you will not only be expected to understand and follow the policies and procedures but also know how they interact with the state labor laws. As such, certification for employment law is essential to properly defend yourself in the case of any violations and grievances on your part.

2. Make Informed Decisions

While performing your duties as a human resources person, you will continually be faced with new situations. You need employment law certification for proper knowledge and expertise when faced with such situations. You might even make decisions that can prove detrimental to your organization and its people with an employment law certificate.

3. Evade Fallacies And Sustain Compliance

Training and employment law certification can help you recognize what laws apply to your specific situation and how they will affect decision-making. An employment law certificate will help avoid possible fallacies that may result from a lack of proper knowledge and expertise and sustain compliance with the laws.

4. Enhance Hiring and Retention Rates

Employment law certification will help you identify possible stumbling blocks and ways to avoid them, which is imperative to keep your staff happy and motivated.

5. Support Remote And Mixed Workforces

Although human resource specialists are often found in office settings, where others are present, employment law certification can help you support employees who are potentially in remote or mixed workforces.

6. Master Negotiation and Dispute Resolution Methodologies

When issues arise in the workplace, employment law certification will help you know how to handle them with your counterparts best. You will know what to expect from them and when to ask for help, which is vital in any situation.

7. Take Charge Of The Company’s Culture

Company culture should be the talk of the office and something that the human resource specialists should address. When there is training and certification employment law, you will know how to change or modify that culture.

8. Certified Employment Law: Driving Organizational Success and Stability

When you have employment law certification as a human resources person, you will have the confidence, knowledge, and power to make any required changes for your organization’s long-term success and stability. Certified employment law will make you and your company more attractive to new investors, which means more opportunities for growth and stability.

9. Flexibility In Employment

A combination of your employment law certificate and human resource administration can allow you to take on a myriad of responsibilities and tasks in the company, which can boost your career and the company’s success.

Do You Need Employee Certification or a Law License to Excel in the Field of Human Resources?

No. No law says you have to have a law license or employee certification to excel in the field of human resources. Unless you wish to become an employment lawyer and practice in that field of law, there is no reason to have a law license.

What Is The Importance Of Employment Law?

Employment Law Eliminates Discrimination: It protects groups of people from persecution and discrimination.

Employment Law Prohibits Exploitation: It prevents an employer from taking advantage of an employee through harassment, wage theft, and unsafe working conditions.

Employment Law Prevents Injuries: It protects the employee and the employer regarding injuries.

Employment Law Prevents Wrongful Termination: It protects employees’ rights against wrongful or illegal termination.

Employment Law Promotes Ethical Conduct: It forbids employers from behaving inappropriately and sets standards for ethical conduct.

Employment Law Prevents Child Labour: It protects children from engaging in hazardous and dangerous tasks that are not viable. It also prohibits exploitative practices, such as using child labor in industries like mining, agriculture, and fishing.

Can You Get An HR Certification Without A Degree?
Yes. You can get an HR certification without a degree or taking any classes. The process is simple; you must pass the employee certification or licensing exam and prove your work experience. You can complete the application form, upload all the required documents, and pay a small fee to take the SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP employee certification exam.
What Happens If I Fail The Employment Law Certification Exam?
If you fail to get the employment certificate the first time, you will have to wait for another chance to resit an exam. This is to ensure that you have put in enough effort and have given your best.
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