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Consistency is Key – for Employee Masks and T-Shirts in the Workplace

by Barbara E. Hoey
On Tuesday July 21, 2020, Kelley Drye’s Labor and Employment Practice hosted a webinar focused on best practices for navigating challenges of the “not so normal” workplace of 2020. A workplace where employers are challenged with new rules, laws, risks, and social...

COVID-19 Detection Dogs in the Workplace: A Viable Option for Employers?

by Lisa M. Bowman & Karen F. Tynan
As employees return to work, some employers are asking if there could be another tool to detect COVID-19 in the workplace: detection dogs. Traditionally, the military has used detection dogs to find bombs, and law enforcement has used them to sniff out narcotics,...

Videoconferencing apps and litigation: Employers, be careful!

by Robin Shea
Looking pretty on camera is the least of our worries. One of the very few good things about the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic was the fact that I could work at home, which also meant I could look like a bum all day. No makeup. It was awesome! But now, I’m...

Paid Leave Concerns When Employees Get COVID-19 Twice

by Mark A. Konkel, Maria Biaggi & Nicholas J. Kromka
The coronavirus has been novel in more ways than one. On one end of the spectrum, employers confront new questions of almost philosophical dimensions. How much risk is too much risk? What risks should we ask our employees to accept? Where is the line between ordinary...


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