When you employ a Satanist #HappyHalloween

Rosemary’s Baby, the classic 1968 horror film, tells the story of a pregnant woman who (spoiler alert: correctly) assumes that a satanic cult wants her baby. What does Rosemary’s Baby have to do with employment law?In honor of Halloween, I bring...

Want to Crack Down on FMLA Abuse? Try the Chicago Way

Not sure where you stand on this, but I’m always game for a good employer smack down on FMLA abuse.This smack down comes courtesy of the City of Chicago.You know, the City of Big Shoulders, the Second City (to no one), the Windy City [little...

“Sexual Harassment Defense Industrial Complex”? Gimme a break.

How dare they defend themselves!Apparently, public relations and Human Resources professionals, and lawyers, should not represent employers and accused individuals in matters related to sexual harassment. And women shouldn’t stick up for them. We’re all...


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