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Social media PSA for employees and employers

by Robin Shea
Only YOU can prevent a social media firestorm. My Facebook page is a snooze. Two members of my immediate family do not want their existence to be acknowledged on the internet. I almost never post anything, except to wish someone a happy birthday. When I...

Supreme Court Rules in Favor of DACA

by Jorge Lopez & Elizabeth Whiting
The U.S. Supreme Court on June 18, 2020, blocked the Trump administration’s attempt to rescind the DACA program, which protects hundreds of thousands of immigrants brought to the United States as children from potential removal, and offers them work authorization. The...

What Are The Best Online Human Resources Certificate Programs?

by Mike Jackson
Human resources careers are fast-paced and focused on an essential commodity in today’s organizations: the workforce itself.  As reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in 2019, HR occupations are projected to grow 9% faster than the national...

Miss Mannerly answers employers’ Summer 2020 etiquette questions!

by Robin Shea
This is not your usual summer, Gentle Reader. Dear Miss Mannerly: Last week, we had our office picnic, but everyone is still working from home, so we did it on Zoom. About 30 employees were on the call. Everybody chose an appropriate outdoorsy background for their...


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