ABCs of employment law: Discrimination

A new series. NOTE FROM ROBIN: For months, I’ve been thinking about doing a series of posts with very basic explanations of the federal laws that govern the workplace. I think the series would be helpful to people who are new in Human Resources (or lawyers or...

Bag company learns an expensive lesson on wage and hour compliance

A federal judge has ordered American Made Bags to pay $189,756 to a group of 48 employees, half as unpaid wages and half as liquidated damages. The allegations that came to light in two separate Department of Labor investigations that date back to 2014 include the...

Second guessing the advice columns: Workplace follies

The questions that people send to advice columns! “I sent $10,000 worth of birthday presents to my grandchildren, and not one of them wrote me a thank you note. Can I stiff them next year?” “My boyfriend cheats on me with my best friend, steals all...


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