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More on coronavirus from the EEOC

by Robin Shea
The EEOC updated its guidance this week. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission this week updated its Q&A guidance on coronavirus and the federal anti-discrimination laws — primarily, the Americans with Disabilities Act. A few of the updates are...

The coming wave of Covid-related age discrimination lawsuits

by Jon Hyman
The EEOC has sued Ohio State University for age discrimination, alleging that the school discriminated against a 53-year-old human resources generalist because of his age by assigning a substantial substantial portion of his duties to a short-tenured co-worker 25...

COVID-19 and protected concerted activity

by Jon Hyman
Let’s suppose you’re a health care organization that terminates an employee after the employee refuses to wear a shared isolation gown and after the employee starts a group discussion with co-workers about the risks and dangers of shared gowns. If that...

Getting a Passing Grade When Office + School = Home

by Matthew C. Luzadder & Janine Fletcher-Thomas
Chicago, the nation’s third largest school district, reversed course and said it would begin the academic year remotely in September.  This shift leaves New York City as one of the only major school systems still planning to offer in-person classes this fall.  Like...

Consistency is Key – for Employee Masks and T-Shirts in the Workplace

by Barbara E. Hoey
On Tuesday July 21, 2020, Kelley Drye’s Labor and Employment Practice hosted a webinar focused on best practices for navigating challenges of the “not so normal” workplace of 2020. A workplace where employers are challenged with new rules, laws, risks, and social...

COVID-19 Detection Dogs in the Workplace: A Viable Option for Employers?

by Lisa M. Bowman & Karen F. Tynan
As employees return to work, some employers are asking if there could be another tool to detect COVID-19 in the workplace: detection dogs. Traditionally, the military has used detection dogs to find bombs, and law enforcement has used them to sniff out narcotics,...


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