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Delivering the highest-rated human resources training—we have offered programs for more than four decades. Now the best online human resources certificate programs are available to you.

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Your satisfaction is guaranteed. IAML is confident you are going to find our HR courses online to be a highly beneficial and a fantastic use of your training budget. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your HR classes online, we will refund your tuition costs.



    Our human resources online courses materials are specially prepared for each virtual seminar and will serve as valuable desk-top references.


    Our HR courses online faculty encourage questions. All your questions will be answered during your human resources online courses. Our collegial atmosphere fosters the sharing of ideas and experiences among participants to offer you the best online human resources certificate programs. Ample time is provided during sessions, at breaks, and even after you complete your human certificate online program.


    Our HR courses online provide participants with the information needed to take specific actions to substantially reduce your organization’s risk to expensive and risky litigation.


    An HR courses online certificate is awarded when a participant attends an entire program. There is no homework or examinations.


    All instructors are nationally-recognized labor/employment law and employee benefits law attorneys; and human resources consultants who have extensive practical experience, extraordinary backgrounds, and a demonstrated ability to teach the material engagingly.


    Participants always tell us that our human resources online courses continually improve their job performance and increases their capacity for career growth.

Our Human Resources Online Courses Live Instructor-Led, Virtual Seminars

While all IAML’s training programs will soon be virtually available, the two programs below are currently ready for your enrollment.

Virtual Certificate in Essentials of Human Resource Management Seminar

Easily tackle HR planning while taking HR classes online. Our human resources certificate online program in Essentials of Human Resource Management Seminar provides comprehensive and practical coverage of many essential aspects of human resource work. The objective of our HR cert program online is to help participants who are new to the human resources field immediately become more productive on the job while assisting them in preparing for greater responsibilities. Early registration is advised, click here for registration information.

  • While taking our HR management course online, you’ll learn the value of HR effectiveness and financial performance by determining the ROI of all expenditures and resources. Our human resources online courses cover the HR benchmarks and measurements to show value to your organization.

Our human resources management online course participants will learn to assist in the development of your organization using systematic processes and HR metrics.

Be more effective at human resource management with the following essentials:

  • Strategic HR Management — is concerned with maintaining organizational competitiveness by achieving effectiveness using HR measurement and technology. Managers must anticipate future supply and demand for employees. Additionally, strategic HR concern is employee retention, also covered in the best online human resources certificate programs we offer.
  • Learn about what your HR Strategic Role entails and how to leverage them at your organization, all while getting your human resource management certificate online. We review current challenges such as the globalization of business, technological and economic changes; workforce availability and demographics; occupational shifts; and organizational costs.
  • Staffing and Retention — through proven methods of job analysis, our HR cert program online emphasizes the need for adequate supplies of qualified job applicants.
  • Learn through HR classes online how to choose the proper job analysis strategy and the difference between job task analysis and competency-based job analysis
  • Learn what the steps of proper job analysis process are
  • Learn to develop proper job descriptions
  • Learn the employee psychological contract, job satisfaction; motivation strategies; individual performance factors; retention interventions; and cost of employee turnover
  • Performance Management, Talent Management, and Development encompasses the following:
  • Identify what your organization expects
  • Provide performance information to employees
  • Learn about different types of performance appraisals and how to maximize them
  • Identify areas of success and needed development
  • Document performance for personnel records
  • Compensation and Benefits — pay, incentives, and benefits reward people for performing organizational work. Employers must refine and develop compensation systems and may use variable pay programs.

Learn how to:

  • Legal compliance with appropriate laws and regulations
  • Cost-effectiveness for your organization
  • Performance enhancement for your organization
  • Performance recognition and talent management for employees
  • Risk Management and Worker Protection — for over many decades now, employers have been required to meet legal requirements and adequately respond to concerns for workplace safety and health. Moreover, workplace security has grown in importance, along with recovery and disaster planning. Learn about legal compliance, such as PPE, OSHA, Ergonomics, and Workplace Air Quality.

Virtual Certificate in Conducting Lawful Workplace Investigations Seminar

Learn how to conduct a workplace investigation. We provide the best online human resources certificate programs that can show you how. In addition to saving potentially millions in litigation costs and lost productivity, a lawfully conducted investigation can keep businesses operating smoothly—and out of the courtroom. Early registration is advised, click here for registration information.

  • As you’ll learn in our HR courses online without the facts, decision-making is flawed and can expose the employer to significant liability. You will actively engage (through role-playing) in detailed, “real-time” investigations as the attorney-instructor guides you through the investigatory process, giving essential pointers and recommendations throughout. Our human resources online courses participants will learn how to handle complaints legally by gaining experience in interviewing witnesses and evaluating evidence.

How will you benefit from this HR management course online? Our uniquely interactive and comprehensive human resources certificate online program will provide investigators with a framework of legal and best practices knowledge. It will give you the confidence, skills, and techniques needed to conduct an adequate investigation properly.

Our human resources online courses include the following topics:

  • Learn step-by-step guidelines for investigating complaints
  • Be proactive and avoid all legal pitfalls of investigations
  • Know the steps to take to minimize liability
  • Understand exactly what sexual harassment is—and what it isn’t
  • Get a real-world view of the timing of investigations
  • Get beneficial advice on handling evidence
  • Keep your workforce running smoothly during and after an investigation
  • Guard against retaliation and subsequent inappropriate misconduct

After completing our human resources certificate online program, you will know:

  • How to recognize workplace situations that require an investigation
  • How to develop an effective investigation plan
  • How to collect and record evidence
  • The rights of parties involved in an investigation
  • How to interview and identify the plaintiff, witnesses, and the respondent
  • How to assemble statements and write a defensible report
  • When and what information can, and should, be released to the involved parties
  • How to make recommendations about the next steps after the investigation is complete

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