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Are you a busy working adult? Perhaps you’re looking for new avenues of career advancement that fit into your weekly schedule? Well, we’ve got the good news you’ve been waiting for.

Now, you can participate in IAML human resources training courses virtually, allowing you to complete your coursework anywhere. Quality instruction that fits into your lifestyle is something we are pleased to offer our new and existing participants, and we can’t wait to see you online. Early registration is advised, click here for registration information.

What are the immediate benefits?

  • Professional networking opportunities — you’ll have access to leading attorneys and consultants with proven academic credentials and extensive real-world experience with human resources.
  • Enhanced career performance — you’ll be able to negotiate and receive promotions faster and with ease.

A human resource management certificate online provides many benefits. Not only can you focus on career advancement—but IAML has also created daily desk-top references made available through each virtual course.

Rapidly Grow Professionally Alongside IAML

Rapidly grow in your profession with IAML—now the best online human resources certificate programs and resources are more easily accessible than ever before. When you enroll in IAML’s HR courses online, you’ll receive:


    Our human resources online courses materials are specially prepared for each virtual seminar and will serve as valuable desk-top references that you can use daily.


    Our HR courses online encourage networking. Our collegial atmosphere fosters the sharing of ideas and experiences among participants to offer you the best online human resources certificate programs available.


    Our HR courses online provide participants with the information needed to take specific, detailed actions that reduce your organization’s risk to expensive and risky litigation.


    Participants can testify that our human resources online courses can continually improve job performance and increases the capacity for career growth.

Our Human Resources Online Courses Are Live And Instructor-Led

While all IAML’s training programs will soon be virtually available, the two programs below are ready for you to enroll.

Virtual Certificate in Essentials of Human Resource Management Seminar

Master HR planning while taking HR classes online. Our human resources certificate online program in Essentials of Human Resource Management Seminar provides practical coverage of many essential aspects of human resource work. The objective of our HR cert program online is to help those who are new to the human resources field immediately become more productive on the job while assisting them to prepare for greater responsibilities. Early registration is advised, click here for registration information.

  • Learn the value of HR effectiveness and financial performance by determining the ROI of all expenditures and resources.
  • Assist in the development of your organization using systematic processes and HR metrics.
  • Our HR management course online course covers the HR benchmarks and measurements to show value to your organization.

Virtual Certificate in Conducting Lawful Workplace Investigations Seminar

Know how to conduct a workplace investigation. We provide the best online human resources certificate programs that can show you how. In addition to saving potentially millions in litigation costs and lost productivity, a lawfully conducted investigation can keep businesses operating smoothly—and out of the courtroom. Early registration is advised, click here for registration information.

  • Learn in our HR courses online that without the facts, decision-making is flawed and can expose the employer to significant liability. Gain skills and techniques needed to conduct an adequate investigation properly.
  • Actively engage (through role-playing) in detailed, “real-time” investigations as the attorney-instructor guides you through the investigatory process.
  • Our human resources online courses participants learn how to handle complaints legally by gaining experience in interviewing witnesses and evaluating evidence.

More Coming Soon |‌ Enjoy The Best Online Human Resources Certificate Programs

All of IAML’s programs will soon be available in a virtual format—learn more about our training programs here. Our programs increase your capacity for career growth and improve your job performance, whatever your experience level or interest.


Which training method is of interest to you?