Experts say that while the coronavirus is undoubtedly wreaking havoc over the short-term, it likely won’t change the general roles and skills needed in the future. While some may think it’s

appropriate to wait it out, the exact opposite is true. It is, in fact, the best time to strategically pivot in your career.

By developing new skills right now, you’ll be ahead of many when the situation finally normalizes. Many promotions or raises that employees had been expecting are being delayed. According to the US Department of Labor, over 6 million people filed for unemployment insurance in the week ending on March 28. So, we want to help you remain proactive and challenge yourself during this time to remain an asset to your new or existing employer.

If you’re not sure where to begin, browse our selection of human resources online courses. We are now offering updated seminars for Essentials of Human Resource Management and Conducting Lawful Workplace Investigations certificates. Early registration is advised.

Make Your Job Hunt About Gaining New Skills

The tendency when things are uncertain is to hunker down, but that’s not necessarily the best thing to do. Professional development online courses and certificates can help you speedily advance into a new career by showing employers your enthusiasm and value.

During this time of quarantine, choosing to be proactive in gaining new knowledge and new certificates can allow you to excel quickly. Economists predict that the unemployment rate could be 10%, even 20%, by the summer. And yet, for anyone thinking about switching careers, now is not as bad of a time as it may seem.

Hone And Assess Your Qualifications

It’s unclear how long the job market meltdown will last. In the meantime, aspiring switchers can still determine what skills and traits they already have. Your job hunt should include time to bolster your qualifications.

The virus hasn’t changed the fact that career switching often takes many months if special skills or certificates are needed. Our human resources certificate online program is led by instructors who can offer you practical, real-world content while you remain socially distanced and safe.

The bottom line is that hiring may be slowing down but, in many cases, it hasn’t come to a grinding halt. There are still jobs out there. Be patient and persistent. By following these strategies, when employers do start looking for top talent, you’ll be ready.

If you lack the required skill in your dream job, now’s the time to make yourself the ideal candidate. Taking professional development online courses or getting an HR classes online certificate is an excellent use of time in all seasons of life.

Take the opportunity to use your time well and discover the richness of our newly updated, live, and instructor led certificate seminars. We are now offering seminars for an Essentials of Human Resource Management certificate and Conducting Lawful Workplace Investigations certificate. Early registration is advised.

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