If you’re looking for high-quality instruction that fits into the lifestyle of a busy working adult and addresses the needs of today’s top human resources employers, you’ve come to the right place.

Through a live instructor-led virtual training, the most current, practically-oriented, and best online human resources certificate programs are now available online through the Institute for Applied Management & Law Seminar (IAML). You can participate in IAML preparation courses entirely online, which allows you to complete your coursework anywhere you have Internet access.

First, Register For Your HR Certificate Program Online

A certificate is an investment in your professional development that has long-term benefits. IAML is focused on helping you develop professionally and go far in your career; you can begin your registration here.

Benefits of an HR certificate program online include:

  • HR professionals with a certificate receive more promotions and achieve career success faster than their non-certified peers.
  • Access to faculty that includes leading attorneys and consultants with proven academic credentials and extensive real-world experience. 

Our mission is to enhance your HR performance to make a real difference. “The seminar was very good. It covered a lot of pertinent information. I felt I learned quite a bit that will have an immediate impact on my job,” said Bobbi Britton, Sr. Human Resources Consultant of Deltic Timber Corporation.

Many participants who have completed IAML’s programs report the experience led to an exciting and improved professional life. ““The facilitators were excellent!  I will be able to use key learning tools from the seminar immediately within my organization. Thank you again for another awesome course!” said Michi Eaton, Regional Human Resources Manager of AutoVin.

How To Start Preparing For Your HR Certificate Program Online

While all the best online human resources certificate programs will be available very soon, the two IAML programs currently available are:

The Best Online Human Resources Certificate Programs

Human resources professionals know the importance of continually developing in their field and ensuring their qualifications are up to date. What’s more, the latest skills are becoming necessary to address tomorrow’s HR issues in our rapidly evolving workplaces.

Use your time wisely and take the opportunity to discover the richness of our newly updated, live, and instructor-led certificate seminars.

You can rapidly grow professionally with IAML.

  • Each IAML faculty member is an industry thought leader who inspires and shares our focus on ensuring that the highest quality training programs are easily accessible and available to working adults.
  • IAML has been delivering case-based educational experiences and the highest-rated training programs to professionals all over the U.S. that offer the newest techniques.

If you’re not sure where to begin, browse our selection of HR courses online.


Whatever your experience level or interest, our programs will increase your capacity for career growth and improve your job performance. For over 40 years, the Institute for Applied Management & Law has been led by a mission to produce the most current and practically oriented training programs available.


Which training method is of interest to you?


Which training method is of interest to you?

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