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Sick Pay Laws - And How To Navigate The Complexity

This webinar will get you up to date on current and pending legislation regarding mandated sick pay requirements, as well as help you to better understand the tax withholding and reporting for third party sick pay requirements.
SOX Rules For Payroll

This course taught by and ex-State of CA Auditor - covers the payroll and benefit areas that are most likely to come under scrutiny due to the SOX Act.
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Independent Consultant Or Employee? - A Payroll Auditor's Advice For IRS Compliance9/14/2022
The Face Of Payroll Fraud - What Controls To Put In Place To Avoid It9/15/2022
Workers' Comp 101: The Whats, Whens, And Whys9/20/2022
Form 940 And Federal-State Unemployment Overview9/22/2022
Payroll Rules For Fringe Benefit Taxation9/29/2022
Jun 22|Jul 22|Aug 22|Sep 22
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