Employment Law Certification

At the Institute for Applied Management & Law (IAML), we provide cost-effective and comprehensive employment law certification courses and programs. Our educational resources will give your organization strong foundational knowledge and practical workplace use of employment law.

Our goal is to help you build up your company with guaranteed and long-lasting growth. You will receive comprehensive knowledge throughout our employment law certification course and programs that will benefit and protect your company.

We have 40 years of experience providing California employment law certification courses and training.

At IAML, we help you keep up with the accelerating changes and increasingly technical nature of employment law certificate requirements. We help strengthen our participants' ability to recognize problem areas. Our insights into “best practices” are unmatched. Preemptive training and education can save an organization from costly fines and legal settlements. 

We understand the critical nature of employment law specialist certificate program standards and being consistently well-informed and up to date. Comprehensive knowledge and proper training for employment law certificate course requirements can provide long-lasting and healthy growth for any organization or business.

We Update You on Annual Employment Law Changes

Maintaining a keen awareness of employment law is the smart, safe decision. Most often, companies find themselves in situations of negligence or worse simply due to being uninformed. Our expertise rests in knowing employment law and how annual changes to labor code affect your organization or business.

At IAML, we've spent decades administering employment law program needs for small and large businesses or organizations. Our educational services have been refined over the years to offer you efficient, cost-effective employment law training.

We provide the resources to protect you and your organization adequately.

We update you and administer a long-lasting model for the annual changes in labor law and other related legal requirements and ramifications. Every year there are labor law changes that need to be addressed — we make sure to protect your organization in a cost-efficient manner.

We have sophisticated educational resources — alongside experienced instructors.

It pays to know employment law. Ongoing training is an investment, as it provides safety for your organization overall and sustainable growth. Working with an outside training partner provides timely, cost-effective, and comprehensive updates and education. At a reasonable cost, your employees will be adequately trained.

Many of the most successful businesses come to us to improve their workplace environment to create sustainable growth for their company.

We protect your company by equipping you with foundational and relevant knowledge through our variety of comprehensive employment law certificate course options. IAML has been providing employment law training for 40 years; our programs and administration of employment law expertise has had years of sophistication and success. At IAML, we know how to use our resources wisely and bring concise, thorough California employment law certification programs and courses.

Protect your company from unnecessary litigation — make sure the most dependable employment law courses are your foundation.

You Get a Variety of Course Delivery Options

Our California employment law certification training is offered in many formats. We want to meet all of your employment law certificate training needs and provide you with sophisticated resources and means. At IAML, we deliver stimulating programs and courses. There are many real-world applications and examples we use to bolster our curriculum, making it all even more relevant to your organization or business.

Perhaps traveling to a seminar isn’t an option for you, or you’d like everyone in your organization to complete the training together?

Our employment law specialist certificate program sessions can be hotel-based seminars or on-site events. We can also provide DVDs and e-learning offers. Every one of our options provides comprehensive information while being administered in a timely, concise manner.

Our variety of employment law certificate training options include:

  • Public seminars
  • E-learning
  • HR Training
  • In-house Training
  • DVD Training

We work with the best faculty and instructors to deliver you engaging training and resources. These employment law certificate training options touch on many current workplace issues —  from labor law requirements to managing millennials to understanding the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). You will walk away more confident and unified in your understanding of workplace employment law and etiquette. We aim to strengthen, protect, and help your organization grow through our California employment law certification courses and training.

We also offer annual public seminars and conferences.

Our seminars and on-site events feature a variety of speakers. The public seminars and conferences we offer have been the most sought after by organizations for many years. They are the cornerstone of our offerings and consistently provide an incredibly engaging experience for all who attend. We look forward to our annual seminars and conferences every year.

We have many customizable options for employment law specialist certificate program needs.

E-learning training is the most flexible option. IAML's e-learning programs are scalable and can be customized to meet your organization's needs — whether you need to reach employees abroad or want to enhance your local staff with knowledge. Our e-learning programs cover topics ranging from employment law updates to legal benefits management.

If you have a very diversified organization, we recommend our employment law certification program. Comprehensive employment law certificate training is essential for any organization that is planning on long-term, sustainable growth. Our training can be modeled for senior staff to new employees.

The Benefits of IAML Certification

Our variety of options are scalable and can focus on specialized topics designed for your workplace setting. At IAML, we know the value of adequate training and proudly offer the best California employment law certification courses and programs. Businesses and organizations can increase their risk of unnecessary litigation if not adequately equipped with the right training. Sexual harassment allegations, ADA violations, employee discrimination charges are just a few of the issues that can arise within uninformed workplaces.

We give you the information for you and your employees to be the most competent professionals. Our comprehensive employment law certification course requirements will set your business or organization on the right path.

You will be protected and free to achieve long-term, sustainable growth.