Employment Law

Improve Your Workplace by Staying Up to Date with Employment Law Changes

Following labor and employment laws is crucial to the survival of any organization. Running afoul of the law can cost companies thousands and even millions of dollars in fines and legal settlements. Organizations don't even have to have ill intentions to find themselves in hot water with labor officials. Being unaware of employment laws or failing to keep abreast of employment law updates can be just as dangerous as outright maliciousness.

There's no doubt that it pays to know employment law in and out. That's why so many organizations invest in ongoing training for their managers and employees. Working with an outside training partner allows organizations to provide comprehensive 2019 employment law updates quickly and at a reasonable cost. The leaders of the most successful businesses in the U.S. know that employment law updates are indispensable when it comes to improving the workplace environment and protecting the company from litigation.

Learn at Our Employment Law Update Conferences

At the Institute for Applied Management and Law (IAML), we've made it our business to protect yours by providing the most comprehensive employment law update seminars in the nation. Our passionate, experienced presenters know what they're talking about when it comes to employment law. More than just know their stuff, they know how to apply it to real-world situations too.

Our 2019 employment law update seminars are designed for busy professionals who need accurate information and actionable advice. We offer training options designed for employees at all levels of organizations. If you're the head of human resources at your company, you'll find in-depth courses and employment law update conferences tailored to your needs as a manager. You'll also find course options suitable for other employees and managers in your organization.

Why Choose IAML?

IAML has been providing employment law update training for more than 40 years. We're one of the oldest players in our industry, and we maintain a reputation as one of the best. Our knowledge of employment law and how changes to labor code are likely to affect organizations is unmatched. We understand that you need to know what's changed this year, what that means and what steps you need to take to protect your organization.

We also understand that you need a variety of options when it comes to course delivery. Maybe you're not able to travel for a seminar, or perhaps you want everyone in your organization to complete training together. We offer training in an array of formats to meet your needs. For example, our 2018 employment law update sessions were available both as hotel-based seminars and as on-site events. We also offer DVDs and e-learning courses.

What Are Employment Law Update Seminars Like?

Every IAML seminar and conference is fast-paced and information dense. We believe that learning about 2019 employment law updates shouldn't be boring. We work with the best faculty and speakers to deliver stimulating sessions that include plenty of real-world applications. Seminar attendees are also provided with comprehensive training resources that they can take back to their organizations and refer to as questions arise.

Our 2019 employment law update seminar and other courses can be delivered over a variety of formats. We offer training options including

  • Public seminars
  • E-learning
  • HR Training
  • In-house Training
  • DVD Training

Public Employment Law Update Conferences and Seminars

Our public employment law update conferences have been the cornerstone of our programming for many years. These seminars feature a variety of speakers who highlight all relevant 2019 employment law updates. Our seminars also touch on hot workplace issues such as managing millenials and understanding how the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) applies in different organizations. Our 2018 employment law update courses were incredibly successful, and we look forward to another great year of serving our clients at our seminars.


Among our most flexible learning option is e-learning. Our e-learning programs cover perse topics ranging from the 2019 employment law update to legal benefits management. Many organizations have chosen our e-learning programs because they are scalable and can be customized to meet an organization's unique needs. Whether you need to provide a 2019 employment law update session to employees in satellite locations or want to enhance the knowledge of your benefits staff, we can create a training solution tailored to your needs.

Human Resources Training

Training in human resources is essential for employees in many capacities. Comprehensive HR training gives employees the tools they need to succeed in the workplace and to build strong relationships with other employees. It also provides them with valuable information about what they can and cannot do at work. IAML can provide HR training solutions ranging from comprehensive seminars for senior staff to onboarding training for new employees.

In-House Training

Many organizations recognize a need to provide training in a certain area for a large number of employees but don't know where to find scalable solutions. We offer in-house training that corresponds to all of our seminars. We also offer special topic sessions designed especially for workplace settings. Our 2018 employment law update training was deployed across a variety of organizations, and we look forward to doing the same in 2019 and the years to come.

DVD Training

Businesses today run an increased risk of litigation exposure due to sexual harassment allegations, ADA violations, discrimination charges and more. Recent legal developments have also shown that organizations that fail to provide adequate training to employees can get in big trouble even if only one employee does something illegal. At IAML, we're proud to help our clients mitigate their risks by providing effective DVD training. Our DVD training solutions are designed to increase employment law awareness and compliance across your workforce.

Putting employment law or HR training off until tomorrow is more than just procrastination. It's risky behavior. It's essential that all members of your organization's HR team are provided with engaging, high-value training on a regular basis. It's important that the rest of the employees across your organization receive comprehensive training in high-risk employment law areas such as sexual harassment too. Call IAML today at 949-344-2333 to learn about our training solutions, or register online for one of our upcoming events.