IAML has a proven track record of success providing online learning solutions. Through our partnership with leading employment law and human resource management experts, as well as experts in the design and operations of elearning platforms, we produce highly effective training courses for organizations of all sizes, in both the public and private sector.  Our concise and engaging courses address critical employment law and compliance needs and achieve consistently high completion rates, as well as a 97% learner satisfaction rate. 

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Why choose IAML for your online training needs?

Ensuring that your employees are knowledgeable (and act lawfully) regarding the laws, regulations and policies that impact their work is a major challenge.  For more than 37 years, IAML has been the leader in providing HR compliance training solutions.  Thousands of organizations have relied on IAML’s knowledge and experience to manage their businesses more effectively. 

IAML’s eLearning programs extend our reach so that all your targeted employees can receive reliable, engaging and effective training through our economical eLearning solutions.

Superior Course Design

  • IAML’s courses are easy to understand, with real-life scenarios and case studies.  We focus on core concepts, without the “legalese”.
  • This practical, on-target approach to training results in more than 95% completion rates for learners whether training is taken at work, at home, or on the road.
Flexible Pricing Offers Excellent Value

  • Our competitive prices and flexible “launch-based” pricing model ensures that you fully utilize your training investment.
  • Discounts are based on the number of learners, contract term, and delivery method.
Our Robust and Scalable Learning Management System (LMS)

  • Our hosted LMS is easy to configure and customize – we will help you do it, step-by-step.
  • You can keep it extremely simple or utilize a full set of training administration features depending on your organization’s specific needs.
  • Best of all, IAML’s LMS is included with every courseware purchase… at no additional cost.
  • Management can be assured employees are actually completing the training courses.  IAML’s eLearning courses have easy-to-use administrative features that keep track of where employees are in the course, how well they are doing and then time of completion.
  • Courses can be accessed through through most web application including Windows, Mac, UNIX, OS/2 Amiga and many more. The courses can be used on any computer over the Internet or your organization's intranet.

  • Personalize each course with your organization's logo;
  • Include specific and relevant company data/policies and procedures;
  • Include announcements, welcome page and rollout promotions and reminders;
  • Individualize course launches.
We Are Committed to Your Success

At IAML, customer service has been a top priority for more than 37 years.  Our team of skilled technologists ensures that clients’ online sites are secure and accessible.  Experienced and knowledgeable training consultants advise clients on the best online training approaches for their unique goals and challenges.  Our benchmark of quality of service is each and every client’s satisfaction and success.

IAML invites you to try us out, then look at our competitors.  You’ll see why our clients love our training offerings, and why we are the “professional’s choice in training".

All organizations have a legal and moral obligation to provide a work environment that is free from discrimination and unlawful harassment. Important legal developments in recent years have made it clear— failure to provide discrimination and harassment training to all employees, especially managers, can expose an organization to liability and financial risk.

IAML offers a comprehensive selection of discrimination training courses on subjects related to discrimination and harassment prevention intended to promote lawful employment practices and foster a more respectful work environment.

  • AB 1825: CA Sexual Harassment Training for Managers/Supervisors (120 minutes)
  • AB1825: Sexual Harassment Prevention for Managers/Supervisors (120 minutes)
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (30 minutes)
  • Avoiding Wrongful Termination (40 minutes)
  • Preventing Age Discrimination for Managers and Supervisors (15 minutes)
  • Preventing Employment Discrimination -Campus Edition (45 minutes)
  • Preventing Employment Discrimination for Managers and Supervisors (45 minutes)
  • Preventing Sexual Harassment for Managers - also available in Spanish (45 minutes)
  • Preventing Unlawful Harassment: College and University Edition (45 minutes)
  • Preventing Unlawful Retaliation in the Workplace (45 minutes)
  • Religious Discrimination and Accommodation (15 minutes)
  • Preventing Unlawful Workplace Harassment for Managers (45 minutes)
  • Understanding Employment Discrimination for Employees (45 minutes)
  • Understanding Sexual Harassment for Employees (30 minutes)
  • Understanding Unlawful Workplace Harassment for Employees (30 minutes)
  • Unlawful Harassment Prevention for Colleges:  Employee Version (30 minutes)

It is essential that managers be able to spot and address legal issues that arise in the workplace. Along with managerial authority and influence comes a legal responsibility to protect employee rights and adhere to employment laws. Training managers and supervisors on the legal aspects of management and managing within the law is essential to promoting legal employment practices, avoiding costly lawsuits, and fostering a productive and respectful work environment.

IAML offers a comprehensive selection of management courses covering the legal aspects of day-to-day management decisions and responsibilities.

  • Avoiding Wrongful Termination (40 minutes)
  • Creating a Bully-Free Workplace: Employee Edition (45 minutes)
  • Creating a Bully-Free Workplace: Manager’s Edition (45 minutes)
  • Employee Privacy: Balancing a Manager’s Right to Know (30 minutes)
  • Legal Aspects of Interviewing and Hiring (40 minutes)
  • Maintaining A Drug-Free Workplace (45 minutes)
  • Maintaining a Drug-Free Workplace – Manager’s Edition (45 minutes)
  • Meal & Rest Break Training:  CA Manager and Supervisor Edition (15 minutes)
  • The Family Medical Leave Act (45 minutes)
  • Wage & Hour Basics (30 minutes)
  • Wage & Hour Basics:  CA Managers and Supervisors (45 minutes)
  • The Family Medical Leave Act
  • Wage & Hour Basics
  • Wage & Hour Basics:  CA Managers and Supervisors

Most employees want to feel respected in the workplace, but this doesn’t always happen naturally. With that said, IAML offers diversity training courses. With greater diversity in the workplace, human interactions can be complicated and misunderstandings and personal biases can result in intentionally or unintentionally disrespectful behavior. Fostering a culture of respect requires that all employees recognize their own biases, beliefs, and behaviors and determine whether their actions are contributing to respect or to tension or problems in the workplace.

IAML offers diversity training courses for managers and employees that touch on a range of issues related to creating a respectful work environment. From the benefits of valuing diversity and fostering a culture of inclusion to preventing the negative impacts of bullying, threatening or abusive behaviors, all employees can benefit from proactive diversity training programs and introspection.

  • Creating a Bully-Free Workplace: Employee Edition (30 minutes)
  • Creating a Bully-Free Workplace: Manager’s Edition (45 minutes)
  • Valuing Diversity: Employee Edition (30 minutes)
  • Valuing Diversity: Manager Edition (40 minutes)

Organizations built on a solid ethical foundation are better able to manage risk and create an environment of integrity, trust, and purpose for all employees. Ethical business conduct is also imperative to uphold the organization’s reputation and public image and legal developments in recent years have made proactive business ethics training a requirement.

IAML offers a series of highly customizable courses on general ethics, Code of Conduct, and other key business compliance topics. These programs are intended to communicate organizational values and foster commitment to ethical and legal business practices.

  • Ethics and Code of Conduct (50 minutes)
  • Ethics and Code of Conduct for Government Contractors (45 minutes)
  • Ethics and Code of Conduct for: University and College Edition (50 minutes)
  • FCPA Anti-Bribery Training for Managers (45 minutes)

Data privacy refers to the evolving relationship between technology and legal rights to (or public expectations of) privacy in the collection and sharing of personal data. As technology has advanced, so have the ways and pace with which personal data privacy can be breached, making data security and confidentiality a top business and legal concern. While there is no sweeping federal law regarding data privacy in the U.S., industry-specific laws have been enacted in response to specific privacy concerns and international data privacy laws set standards for business transactions in much of the world. In response to this, data protection training and data privacy training has become a standard for many human resources departments.

IAML offers a series of courses addressing industry-specific data privacy and security laws as well as the best practices for addressing the legal and ethical aspects of personal data protection.

  • HIPAA Privacy and Security Basics (60 minutes)
  • HIPPA Privacy and Security Basics for Employees in the Healthcare Sector (60 minutes)
  • Cyber Security Basics (30 minutes)
  • Gramm-Leach Bliley Act (GLBA): Data Privacy Laws and Practices for Financial Institutions (30 minutes)

IAML’s eLearning can be easily tailored to create a cost-effective solution to your training requirements.  We know you will find our training courses to be of the highest quality and value.

The cost of IAML’s eLearning training is based on the following:

1)  Launches:  IAML’s pricing is based on the number of launches purchased.  A “launch” is a single-user gaining access to a training course an unlimited number of times over the term of the contract.  The greater the number of “launches”, the lower the cost.  Another option is to purchase an “unlimited amount of launches” over a period of time or purchase the license to the rights of a course(s).  We would be pleased to provide precise pricing once the scope of your needs is determined.

2)  Commitment:  Select a one, two or three year contract.  The longer the term of the contract, the more cost savings.

3)  Hosting of Training:  IAML’s LMS can provide turn-key delivery and tracking of the courses for a nominal one-time set-up fee.  Or, use your own internal LMS for delivery and tracking with no set-up cost.

4)  Customization Options:  We know that employees are more engaged in training when it is in context with their job and connected to their organization.  For this reason, IAML includes, at no additional cost, built in customization options for honing key content, as well as tailoring the look and configuration settings for navigation and scoring.  Or inquire about the cost on how we can create a custom online training course(s) from scratch.

IAML would be delighted to further explore and discuss with you how IAML’s eLearning training courses can provide you with an easy to implement, terrific value-added training solution.

Below are examples of how IAML's eLearning platform creates dynamic and interactive training for our clients. 

Company-Operated Convenience Stores and Gas Stations:  5,500 users located in over 600 locations with unlimited access to Anti-Harassment and Sexual Harassment Training Programs

Large 500 Bed Hospital providing a large range of health services500 leaders trained to stay compliant through a Suite of 5 employment law training modules.

World Leader of Lifting Equipment150 managers/supervisors trained in valuing diversity, harassment and discrimination prevention.

Chemical Distribution Company:  2200 managers/supervisors trained on preventing employment discrimination, ADA and the FMLA.

Midwest College and University:  1,500 managers/supervisors and employees trained how to  “Create a Bully-Free Workplace” environment – (University Edition)

County Government30,000 users consisting of managers/supervisors and employees trained on ethics and employment law in the workplace.

Public County School:  600 managers/supervisors trained on how to prevent sexual harassment and other harassment problems in the workplace

Industrial Chemicals Manufacturer:  250 managers/supervisors and employees trained on how to prevent harassment and bullying in the workplace.

World Leading RetailerUnlimited training for managers/supervisors and employees on various employment law topics

Small Investment Firm55 users trained in AB1825 Sexual Harassment Training for Managers/Supervisors

World Class Metalworking Manufacturer:  100 managers/supervisors trained in harassment prevention in the workplace.

Building Products Manufacturer300 managers/supervisors trained on various employment law topics.

Material Handling Manufacturer:  100 managers/supervisors trained in sexual harassment prevention in the workplace.