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Protect your organization while improving workplace performance. Train your supervisors and managers in critical employment law topics... use IAML to test and certify their competence.

Laws That Prohibit Discrimination In The Workplace: What They Are And What They Mean (22 minutes)
Every supervisor and manager knows that discrimination in employment is against the law. However, most supervisors and managers are unsure about exactly what is and is not discrimination. This program describes the various employment discrimination laws; what discrimination means in terms of how you, and your co-workers, should perform-on-the-job; and what steps supervisors and managers need to take in order to minimize their organization's exposure to a discrimination charge or lawsuit.

Harassment In The Workplace: Understanding It And Preventing It (16 minutes)
Supervisors and managers need to realize that workplace harassment can cost an organization hundreds of thousands of dollars and result in other serious workplace problems. This training module provides concise and practical information of the various forms of workplace harassment, with special emphasis on the issue of sex harassment. Supervisors and managers will not only be able to better recognize harassment in the workplace, they will learn to help prevent its occurrence.

Understanding The Americans With Disabilities Act
Of the many laws that prohibit workplace discrimination, one of the most important is the ADA. The ADA increases employment opportunities for persons with disabilities by eliminating arbitrary barriers that are based on stereotypical and erroneous beliefs. This training program discusses the elements the requirements of the law, and provides supervisors and managers with the necessary information to avoid potential problems that could lead to litigation. Updated and Now In an Interactive Format

Hiring Employees - Avoiding Costly Mistakes; And When Discharge Becomes Unavoidable - How To Do It Right (33 minutes)
This course helps supervisors and managers make intelligent, defensible and lawful hiring and termination decisions. This program describes what should not be done during the hiring process to avoid problems later on. Since more employment-related litigation arises out of employment termination than all other aspects of the employment process combined, special attention is given to discharge issues. Supervisors and managers will receive invaluable insights into what they can and should do to keep the legal risk and emotional impact of an unlawful termination claim as low as possible.

Using The Best Employment Practices On The Job (22 minutes)
Throughout the previous four modules of IAML's Employment Law Compliance ProgramSM, supervisors and managers have learned about the legal reasons behind the correct business decisions they must make regarding their employees. As they have learned, the workplace is becoming more regulated, and the risks to employers and employees are tremendous. In this fifth training module, IAML's highly experienced and savvy instructors provide valuable insights into the best employment practices that supervisors and managers should use to comply with employment laws that apply to the workplace.


Optional Testing and Certification Component:  A 25 question multiple-choice/true-false test sent to supervisors and managers after they view all of the titles. The test is prepared and administered by IAML.  IAML issues Certificates verifying that the employee has successfully completed this training.  This process of training, testing and certification produces better business practices; a more productive work environment; fewer legal problems, and; a very strong affirmative defense in many kinds of discrimination and harassment lawsuits.ce.






Raymond M. Deeny is Resident Partner of the firm Sherman & Howard. He is a member of the firm's three person executive committee. He handles various types of labor relations matters such as National Labor Relations Board representation election and unfair labor practice proceedings, with special emphasis in the health care and construction industries. Mr. Deeny also is substantially experienced in state and federal injunction proceedings and other litigation proceedings, including equal employment opportunity and contract and tort litigation arising from the employer-employee relationship. His B.A., magna cum laude, in 1974 and law degree, cum laude, in 1977 were conferred by Arizona State University. Mr. Deeny has been selected by the ABA as a management representative to the ABA's Labor Section, Major Developments, under the N.L.R.A., and is a member of the Colorado Bar Association Labor Law Committee. Mr. Deeny is a highly popular 25+ year veteran instructor. Mr. Deeny's engaging sense of humor, savvy insights and terrific platform skills earn him consistently outstanding ratings from participants. He is widely regarded to be among the nation's finest employment law instructors.

John F. Wymer, III is a Member with the law firm Sherman & Howard in their Atlanta office, specializing in labor and employment law on behalf of management clients. He received his B.A. from the University of Alabama in 1971 and J.D. from the University of Virginia in 1974. Mr. Wymer is a member of the ABA and a member of the Committee on Development of the Law under the NLRA. He is a lecturer on labor relations matters at Georgia State University and the University of Alabama and has spoken throughout the country to various associations and professional groups. He is a Contributing Editor for The Developing Labor Law. Since 1995, Mr. Wymer has been listed in Best Lawyers in America in the areas of Labor and Employment Law. In 2001, Mr. Wymer was elected as a Fellow by The College of Labor and Employment Lawyers. Mr. Wymer is among the nation's most sought after speakers for his extraordinary teaching skills, witty and engaging delivery style and legal knowledge. He has been an IAML instructor for more than 25 years where his extraordinary teaching skills, witty and engaging delivery style and legal skills and knowledge make his presentations extremely valuable and entertaining.

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