IAML now offers the Certificate in Lawful Employment Practices for Supervisors & ManagersSM that can be completed entirely online. This program offers the convenience of online and the quality that you can count on from the Institute for Applied Management & Law, the professional’s choice in training since 1979.

Compliance training is a must in today’s litigious environment. The actions of a manager or supervisor can cause significant problems, and also likely result in significant expense. Training in lawful employment practices can help insulate employers from claims and liability. Those with supervisory responsibility must be knowledgeable about a variety of workplace laws and regulations.

Developed by top employment law attorneys, the courses that comprise the Certificate in Lawful Employment Practices for Supervisors & ManagersSM are grounded in practice and focused on real-world application. Whether your employees are new to a management-level role or experienced in their position, these are core competencies that every manager and supervisor should know. A Certificate from IAML provides the foundation needed for a successful career by providing ways for you to align your managers and supervisors to your organization’s goals. The Certificate is comprised of 14 courses divided into four modules. By the end of the four modules, your employees will have the skills necessary to develop and implement successful practices that will help your organization improve its performance through better overall people management, and help insulate you from costly legal issues.

What Employers Do

  • Consult with IAML about your specific goals and needs, including deciding on how many managers/supervisors you want to participate in the Certificate program.
  • Provide names and email addresses of each “user”. 
  • Determine the length of time users have to complete the training (we recommend 4-6 months).
What IAML Does

  • Make implementation super easy for you! 
  • IAML sends customized welcome email message to managers/supervisors (“users”), including:
  • Reason and importance for the Certificate Program
  • Easy-to-use instructions 
  • IAML provides regular monitoring reports to employer on progress of each user. 
  • IAML provides contact information for any technical support or questions to all users.
How It Works for Your Managers/Supervisors

  • Receives a Welcome and Introduction email from IAML. 
  • A personal log-in ID is provided to each individual user to access the 14 courses. 
  • User must satisfactorily complete each course in the order provided before continuing to the next course. 
  • User can access each course at their own pace an unlimited number of times.  When logging back in, the course will start from where they left off. 
  • User needs to receive a “Pass” test score once they complete each course. 
  • User can access the courses anywhere/anytime from their desktop or laptop. 
  • Once all 14 courses are completed, IAML will send completion confirmation to employer and an official IAML Certificate for user. 
  • IAML provides contact information for any technical support or questions to all users.

1) Ethics & Business Conduct (50 minutes)

Ethics is about doing the “right” thing. In a business setting, ethics also involves ensuring that company values are shared and upheld by all members of the organization. This course introduces the concept of business ethics and highlights the company code of ethics and/or business conduct which describes company values and standards of conduct.                                                    

2) Wage & Hour Basics (30 minutes)

This course is designed for managers who supervise employees subject to the FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) and state minimum wage, overtime, and meal and rest break laws. In addition to learning the basic parameters of the wage and hour laws governing the payment of minimum wages and overtime, managers will learn though real-life scenarios and exercises to recognize and resolve any essential “flash points” that could lead to wage and hour lawsuits.                                                                                  

3) Employee Discipline for Managers & Supervisors (45 minutes)

Our  employee discipline training program teaches managers to use progressive discipline to correct problem behavior and maintain a productive, responsive workforce, while also protecting the company from liability                      

4) Avoiding Wrongful Termination (30 minutes)

Avoiding Wrongful Termination helps managers to understand the principle of “at-will” employment and the important exceptions to the rule. Managers will learn to identify and prevent practices that could create liability and identify methods for effectively handling terminations to minimize the risk of a wrongful termination lawsuit.                                                                            

5) Understanding the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) (30 minutes)

Our FMLA training courseis designed to teach managers and/or supervisors about eligibility requirements, circumstances that qualify for FMLA protection, procedures for requesting and designating FMLA, and employee and employer rights and responsibilities under the Act.                    

6) Employee Privacy (30 minutes)

This course teaches managers how to avoid litigation for invasion-of-privacy, discrimination, or defamation claims, when from time-to-time they must consider drug testing, searches, discussion of an employee’s behavior, or examination of an employee’s online or after-hour activities.


7) Preventing Workplace Harassment (120 minutes)

Supervisors and managers must know how to respond to complaints of harassment in the workplace. This course instructs supervisors and managers about the human characteristics that are protected by anti-discrimination laws, the type of conduct that can lead to a claim of unlawful workplace harassment, and their unique responsibilities to prevent harassment in the workplace.

8) Preventing Sexual Harassment (45 minutes)

Organization-wide sexual harassment prevention training is essential for promoting a respectful and productive workplace and critical for building a legal defense in the event that a charge is made. This course teaches employees to recognize and avoid conduct and circumstances that can lead to claims of sexual harassment. Supervisors and managers learn of their legal responsibilities to respond appropriately when they learn of it and prevent retaliation against victims and witnesses.

9) Preventing Unlawful Retaliation in the Workplace (45 minutes)

Claims of retaliation are now the most commonly laid charge and the most difficult to defend. This course discusses the protections afforded to employees under the anti-retaliation provisions of various employment laws. Using scenarios and case studies, the course discusses the types of work-related activities that are protected by law, the types of behavior that can lead to a charge of retaliation, and the risks of failing to take steps to prevent unlawful retaliation in the workplace.

10) Disability Discrimination & Accommodation (ADA) (30 minutes)

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), as amended by the ADA Amendment Act (ADAAA), and state laws prohibit employment discrimination against the more than one fifth of all Americans who have a mental or physical disability. This course shows supervisors and managers how to effectively and legally manage individuals with covered disabilities and discusses the circumstances in which employers have an obligation to provide reasonable accommodation. It also teaches preventive steps that an employee can take to avoid a claim of disability discrimination in the workplace.

11) Religious Discrimination & Accommodation (20 minutes)

Everyone in the United States has a right to equal opportunity in hiring and employment regardless of their religious beliefs. This course familiarizes supervisors and managers with their ethical and legal responsibilities under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act prohibiting religious discrimination and harassment in the workplace. It also discusses approaches to religious accommodation, allowing employees to adhere to religious customs and practices while at work.

12) Preventing Age Discrimination (20 minutes)

Workers of all ages can make strong contributions to a productive and effective workforce. Still, a recent study found that nearly 2 in 3 workers ages 45-74 reported having seen or experienced age discrimination in the workplace. This course familiarizes supervisors and managers with their ethical and legal responsibilities under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) and other anti-discrimination laws. Knowledge of the law is essential to avoid potentially costly lawsuits and can help to build a company culture rooted in trust and fairness.

13) Creating a Bully-Free Workplace (45 minutes)

Workplace bullying can have devastating effects on victims, witnesses, and on organizations. In this course, supervisors and managers will learn how to recognize and address workplace bullying, as well as common prevention strategies to keep their work area bully-free. They will learn how to analyze their own behavior to ensure it is appropriate at all times and the importance of promoting a culture of mutual respect in the workplace.

14) Preventing Workplace Violence (30 minutes)

Every year, millions of U.S. employees are physically or verbally abused in the workplace. Workplace violence affects one out of every four full-time American workers each year. This course intends to help supervisors and managers understand what workplace violence is, how to recognize, prevent or diffuse potentially violent situation, and what to do following an incidence of workplace violence.


IAML’s Certificate in Lawful Employment Practices for Supervisors & ManagersSM program can be easily tailored to fit your needs, whether you have 25, 50 or 500 or more employees, we can create a cost-effective solution for your training requirements.

IAML’s pricing is based on the number of Certificates purchased. The greater number purchased, the lower the cost.